GcMaf: the billion-pound industry the States is throwing away

by David Noakes, CEO - Immuno Biotech Ltd

Most of my 'scientifically deluded opinions' are not my opinions. They are the opinions of 180 scientists from eight nations who have written GcMaf research papers. Scientists have also peer-reviewed 32 scientific research papers, written by Guernsey's Immuno Biotech Ltd (more than any other company in Guernsey's history), 10 with my name on them, and published them in a dozen of the world's top scientific journals.

We report 70% success in reversing terminal stage four cancer, the highest rate in the world. So this mysterious writer's views do not seem to be shared by the scientific community. May I please ask how many scientific research papers that writer has had published?

Indeed, should a human protein, that exists in billionths of a gram, tried and tested by five billion humans, and a human right, be regulated by governments? (We do have a human right to all our own body parts.)

Governments commit 95% of all crime - the invasion of Iraq on the basis of lies about weapons of mass destruction we knew did not exist, 1.5 million dead (and ISIS born as a result), the abolition of the nation of Britain after 3,500 years by the EU's Lisbon Treaty, the worst act of high treason ever committed by that government, and done without the consent of its people.

And governments license medicines that kill over a million people every year. In England the MHRA closes down new discoveries, like GcMAF. A dozen reports by Parliament, the Lancet, BBC Panorama confirm this - you can read them. Is the MHRA really the organisation your writer wants controlling their body parts and licensing them as drugs?

The writer asked me to tell: at what mass should we start regulating? The Germans don't license down to billionths of a gram. They license 98% only, on the basis that if the last 2% was arsenic, it's too small to do harm.

So on the contrary, size is very relevant. Our Goleic is licensed in the EU - something HSSD studiously ignores. The writer states that, 'the opinion autism is caused by the MMR vaccine', was contained in a research paper retracted 15 years ago. No, there are scores of papers and medical opinions stating the MMR vaccine causes autism.

Italian courts pay out a fixed 180,000 euros to parents whose child had MMR and contracted autism. Courts in the USA pay more. Half of the 355 autism mums who filled out our questionnaire volunteered the autism came on within two weeks of the MMR jab - and we didn't mention MMR.

The MMR drug corporations pay fortunes to fund marketing, blogsites, 'charities' and articles to argue the opposite. With no evidence, the writer considers our autism treatment, 'harmful and potentially ineffective'. Even the MHRA has confirmed GcMAF has no side-effects.

Through doctors, we've treated 3,500 kids with autism. Through our own seven doctors, using GcMAF and ultrasonography, we now get 60% to recover to the point they can go to normal school. All these results are meticulously documented. Where's the harm in that?

We made the most major discovery in autism, the point in the human brain which represents autism. It's in the subarachnoid space and is 3.4mm thick in children with autism, 1mm thick in everyone else.

We published it in a scientific research paper: 'A new methodology of viewing extra-axial fluid and cortical abnormalities in children with autism via transcranial ultrasonography' in the Human Neuroscience Journal.

We are the world's leading scientific and medical authority on GcMAF.

The States of Guernsey remains completely duninterested in the brilliant scientific achievements of Immuno Biotech, and by closing us down, has thrown away a billion-pound industry in which Guernsey could have cured the world of cancer and had the best reputation on earth.

People keep telling me this is the worst States we've ever had.

PUBLISHED: July 31, 2015

Last updated: Thu, Feb 4, 2016