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First it is necessary to clarify a very important point. There is a huge difference between what we term money as opposed to (fiat) currency. Yes, they both share similar qualities but money has one very important additional quality: it is a store of value.

Gold and Silver are money for this very reason. Their values remains constant over time. Whereas a currency will eventually return to zero. Most of the time we are dealing with currencies.

It is the manipulation of currencies by central banks, often by debasement or excessive printing (Quantitive Easing) which eventually leads to the demise of society, or civilisation and the subsequent need to start afresh with sound money.


To explain this, I would like to refer you to various sources which can do a much better job than me. I have spent months watching programmes and reading literature in an attempt to get my head around this extremely important subject. It is a tricky to understand, but then it is meant to be. If people really knew how they were being robbed under their very noses there would be rioting in the streets. Until that time I can only urge anyone reading this to gain an understanding of the workings of money*. It is essential in understanding our society and how humans act within it.

* I believe it's criminal that an understanding of money does not form part of the school curriculum.

To follow are some of my recommendation to you started:

Mike Maloney's series: Hidden Secrets Of Money is superb. Not only is he extremely adept at explaining a complicated subject, but he takes us through the history of money and currencies, from their early beginnings to the present day. Placed in context, we can observe the boom and bust cycles to which all societies must succumb when the currency supply is manipulated by central banks. Episode 4 which deals with the creation of money (currency) and the propping up of what is effectively a great big Ponzi scheme is essential viewing to really comprehend the fraud which is taking place on a daily basis.

In conjuction with the above, Stefan Molyneux's: The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels is well worth watching as it is evident how the role of money was instumental in its rise and fall. He also makes a history lesson come alive and I wonder how much more I might have learnt with teachers of his calibre. I am also including a link to an interview between Mike Maloney and Stefan Molyneux.



Last updated: Sat, Oct 22, 2016