9/11 - The Great Deception.

This is a page I am devoting to what I consider is the biggest lie that has occurred in my lifetime, and what I believe to be behind the cause of the ongoing conflicts that continue around the globe in the so called, 'war against terrorism'. My hope is that once the truth surrounding the events of 9/11 is finally revealed, it will bring not only the real perpetrators to justice, but also send a reality check to the warring factions, thereby calling time on a situation in the Middle East that is becoming ever increasingly out of hand.

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Who can forget that fateful day of 9/11 when over the course of several hours three - yes three - mighty towers came crashing to the ground?

Along with much of the population, I tuned into mainstream media that day and followed the action as it unfolded. I watched the repeated, but limited, footage of the planes flying 'into' the towers, until the great edifices burned and finally dropped to the ground, or rather evaporated in a huge pile of dust and smoke. Like everyone, I was riveted, shocked, appalled, amazed. In fact, any superlative you can think of, I experienced it that day.

Almost on cue, the perpetrators were named. Osama Bin Ladin and his band of terrorist Muslims, and it seemed only a matter of time before the US and it's Western allies would lead a retaliatory mission - though many felt Iraq to be a strange choice. Still, it didn't matter, someone had to be held accountable for this iniquitous act and providing they were Muslims, who were identified as flying the planes, it mattered little.

So in my gullibility and naivete I bought the story that was reeled out by the politicians, the so called government experts, the main media with their government lead agendas. A few anomalies did strike me at the time. The way the towers just seemed to disappear, for one. I was also particularly shocked there wasn't a more of an investigation on a scale worthy of such an event. We should have heard much more regarding the evidence - we should have seen considerably more evidence. Lesser events have had far more scrutiny paid to them. Even the shocking downing of Pan Am flight 103 underwent a continuing investigation, plus a full reconstruction. Yet after 9/11, no planes were forthcoming - not even bits of plane, A plane was supposed to have crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, but all we witnessed was a large hole with no debris. Likewise with the Pentagon - no evidence of a plane. The 9/11 Commission certainly had plenty to answer, but no one in the mainstream seemed to question their report and anyone who did raise doubts were quickly dismissed as 'conspiracists'.

There was also the general feeling that what I had been witnessing on that day was unreal - like a big production movie. Hollywood could hardly have made it look more dramatic. Then in films we have come to expect exaggeration with multiple effects. Every car or plane catches fire on impact. It does't just burn, it explodes. Would you pay to see a smoking engine? So 9/11 was certainly dramatic. The two planes just didn't slam into the three towers (sorry, I mean two), they took them out. Incidentally, the third - Building 7 - just fell by itself. And we knew it was going to fall because we were told before it happened. Maybe it's the reason Tower 7 was not alluded in the 9/11 Commission's report.

But as the years rolled on - it's almost been 15 years now - my trusty 'bullshit meter', which I now like to refer to it, began to kick in. Over the years I had consciously and subconsciously been gathering evidence to question the 'official' story. In fact the more I began to look, the more the so called evidence was proving not just suspect but wildly contradictory. Those 'experts', who had obviously colluded with the 9/11 Commission, had made statements on record which independent experts later proved could not possibly have happened. Mostly in relation to the destruction of the towers themselves, which could not have fallen as a result of being hit by the planes alone.

Evidence now points to them being blown up by some form of controlled demolition, though what kind of explosive were used - if they were conventional explosives - is still very much open to debate. Many experts propose the use of Thermite - a military grade explosive capable of slicing through steel - but that doesn't explain the so termed 'dustification' where a substantial amound to the building were literally turned to microscopic particles. Dimitri Khalezov, a former Soviet commissioned officer of the "military unit 46179", otherwise known as "the Special Control Service" of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defence Ministry of the Soviet Union, has suggested some form of thermo nuclear devices were used (mini nukes). Scary as this sounds, he provides compelling evidence in his work: "The Third Truth About 9-11" (See links below). Though with more experts looking into his proposals it would be dangerous to accept it as the final solution.

Probably the most radical and controversial proposition of all is that offered by Dr Judy Wood in here book, "Where Did The Towers Go?" Dr Wood leaves no piece of rubble unturned (what was left of it) in her exacting study of the evidence. In the end, she can only conclude that some for of Direct Energy Weapon had to be employed to make the towers disappear in that manner. Using the idea of Cold Fusion which is a means of harnessing free energy and something Nikola Tesla had been working on. It would be easy to dismiss this suggestion if it wasn't for compelling evidence Dr Wood has provided to support her claim. "Where Did The Towers Go?" is comprehensive and for her pains she has been banned from much of the alternative media, as well as other 9/11 Web sites purporting to seek the truth. This alone suggests she might be on to something. Personally, of all the options presented so far, I find Dr Wood's to be the most sound.

Of course, should you mention any of the above you will most likely be branded a 'conspiracy theorist', which is odd given that the whole 9/11 event currently remains one big conspiracy. Then we must ask, when does a conspiracy theory stop becoming one? Surely when sufficient evidence is gathered to support the facts. Of course it's in the interest of the relative few who perpetrated the crime to continue the lie, but there comes a point when evidence to the contrary becomes so overwhelming that, like the towers, it all come crashing down. Though in practice the towers should never have come down, for according to the original engineers they were built to withstand the impact of several Boing 707s.

So the initial stage is to present the real hard evidence to those who have been brainwashed into believing the official lie. To show people that it could not have happened in the manner it is suggested. As Mark Twain pointed out, "ItÕs easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled". Indeed it takes a significant jolt to dislodge the ingrained attitudes which have been falsely implanted and hammered in constantly over many years by so called 'trustworthy parties'. By 'trustworthy parties', I am referring to the politicians, along with their 'expert' stooges willing to falsify facts. Just as toxic, the media corporations who freely distribute and perpetuate the lies. Indeed, all these parties should at some point be held to account and charged accordingly.

But there will come a time when people will not longer be able to remain wilfully ignorant and will turn their blinds eyes to the truth, as the facts and compelling evidence now freely available in the public domain, will emerge as plain daylight. At which time, a proper and thorough investigation into the causes and events of 9/11 must be called for. This is the least we can do for all the people of various nationalities and faiths who perished in the attacks on the day, as well for their family and relatives and all those who have subsequently suffered atrocities as a result of actions taken on the back of 9/11 to justify the many overseas invasions. Wars which are going on today, causing death, misery and massive social displacement. Invoking fear both at home and abroad, not to mention the systematic stigmatisation of an entire faith. Contrary to the message we are continually fed, a policy of divide and conquer does not 'make the world a safer place'.

So we must demand the truth of what happened on 9/11. Only then can we begin to properly understand the situation in which we currently find ourselves. The real reason for the instability across the Middle East and what lies behind the many warring factions - supported by the various interest groups.

Just suppose the Muslims had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11? It would be almost inconceivable, wouldn't it? It would make a complete mockery of everything that has followed - the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria. Well, there is compelling evidence that they weren't involved, rather it was a cynical and desperate ploy - a false flag - to put the blame on the Muslim community to justify the aggressive policies which followed.

All I wish to say is please don't buy into the lies we are told by the politicians and the complicit media. Be responsible 'world' citizens and seek the truth, which is out there with only a little investigation*. Help create a stable and cooperative world with respect for our fellow inhabitants. We have to share this planet responsibly while we can.

Steven Ayckbourn - (November 2015)

* An excellent starting point is to do a search on the Internet of World Trade Center Building 7. This is the third tower that collapsed and yet receives little or in some cases no coverage and is totally ignored in the final 9/11 Commission's report. You only have to watch the footage of its collapse to realise there is something remarkably inconsistent. If you are not in complete denial you will have to ask the question, "How can that be?" Don't just leave it at that, find out more. Read what the real experts have to say.

Sometimes a tragedy such as this can be approached via humour and this can help spread the message. Here somene has put words to the music of Tom Petty's song Free Fallin' to accompany the 'pulling' of World Trade Center Building 7.
Watch FREE FALLIN' starring BUILDING 7.

There are numerous Web sites dedicated to 9/11. Many containing crack pot theories, no doubt constructed by crack pots, and in some cases undoubtedly posted on the Web to obfuscate the true facts, e.g. Rebekah Roth (Monika Gainor?) - author of Methodical Illusion & Methodical Deception - with possible CIA connections. As a result, those seeking alternative sources of information have to wade through piles of contradictory, often misleading material. So it is down to your trusty 'bullshit meter' to guide you.


However, there are several seemingly valid investigations by highly responsible and credible parties who are rightly concerned about the true nature of the 9/11 story which is currently destined to go down in history. Below are some sites with videos which I would recommend (though some of these could questionable):

9/11 explained in 5 minutes!

I am a big fan of James Corbett of the Corbett Report and in this short video he sums up the absurdity of the story which is presented by main stream media, even in the face of the mountain of evidence that debunks so much of the 9/11 Commission Report.

9/11: Decade of Deception

This is a newly-released video about a 9/11 conference that actually took place five years ago in Canada. No fingers of blame are pointed, but the mountain of evidence presented, both forensic as well as eyewitness testimony, leads one to the rather inescapable conclusion that the official 9/11 Commission Report was/is a complete deception from start to finish.

Architects and Engineers On 9/11

An interesting technical analysis by architectural and engineering experts proving 9/11 is a lie, even to dyed in the wool deniers. The programme in the first part investigates World Trade Centre building 7 which miraculously collapsed without being hit. Towards the end there is a fascinating section which questions why a majority of people continue to stand by the official account of 9/11 and deny truth, despite so much compellingly evidence to contrary.

They are however convinced thermite was used for pulling the towers and don't propose other possibilities. This is a limited viewpoint as thermite cannot explain all the visible phenomena of that day.

Overwhelming Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job, Who did it and Why.

A hard hitting account presented by the truth activist Ken O'Keefe (who is remarkably still alive and should be a rightful candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize). He has no problem pointing a finger at those he deems responsible and has substantial evidence to back up everything he says; with many quite startling and often disturbing revelations.


A feature length documentary by British film maker Tony Rooke, which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers, Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns about the official explanation for the events of 9/11.

Millions have been misinformed regarding the causes and consequences of 9/11 and the film is intended to act as a practical aid in combating the mainstream mediaÕs propaganda and outright lies concerning the attacks on September 11th 2001.

The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News that you Never Saw.

This is an excellent programme which I is well worth viewing.

9/11 The Facts Names, Connections, & Details Exposed.

This video reveals a great deal of very interesting information - the result of some excellent investigative research - leading up to the event and credible reasons why the buildings needed to be destroyed... Not just the twin towers, but buildings 6 and 7. Definitely worth watching for an alternative viewpoint.

I mentioned the proposal forwarded by Dimitri Khalezov, a former Soviet commissioned officer, that underground thermo-nuclear devices were detonated to bring down the three World Trade Center towers.

Khalezov states that the three towers were brought down by underground thermo-nuclear devices place beneath the three towers. Khalezov points to various pieces of information to support this drawn on what he was privy to during his time in the Soviet defence ministry. My only hesitation is that some of his proposals need substantiating with hard evidence - especially were he suggests the World Trade Center - the twin towers, plus building 7 - were rigged with mini-nukes at the time of construction to enable a controlled demolition.

This apparently was required by law at the time and New York had a building code that not only required building plans but also those for demolition in an emergency. The firm hired to solve the problem suggested some form of underground nuclear detonation powerful enough to drop the towers in place. Then according to Khalezov, small nuclear devices were often used for various mining project in the USSR. Though only the US used them for building demolitions. Of course, this wasn't common knowledge for a good reason, though Khalezov says it was mentioned in the press at the time and would appear on the WTC blueprints - which are now most likely classified. But this is evidence we need to see.

You can read about Khalezov ideas below and make up your own mind.

NUCLEAR 9/11: Twin Tower Controlled Demolition Explained

Dimitri Khalezov discusses 9/11 with George Mapp in Bangkok.

A general concept of nuclear demolition of skyscrapers

Dimitri Khalezov's technical paper on the nuclear demolition practice which in the past was acceptable as a means for 'pulling' large building.

The PAPAMUNDI Files, 9/11 Final Conclusions NYC

A very interesting documentary discussing the manner of demolition of the Towers and Building 7 (based on Dimitri Khalezov's findings), tying up many lose ends, as well as listing the likely perpetrators of the 9/11 event.

Finally I come to Dr Judy Wood, probably on first encounter the most radical and far fetched explanation for the felling of the towers - or 'dustification' as she terms it.

Oddly enough, due to her forensic research and detached manner in which she studies the available evidence, not to mention the qualifications she possesses in the area in which we're dealing, I find what she proposes in some way the most compelling. Of course it is very difficult to prove the use of a Direct Energy Weapon, but some research will inform us that Cold Fusion is a distinct possibility and given it is in now in the public conscience, it is safe to say the military and other covert organisations have been developing it for years.

Unfortunately a search for Dr Judy Wood on the Web will turn up only limited references. She appears to be banned on various Web sites (Wikipedia) and her book is difficult to get hold of. This alone is enough to suggest that what she is dealing with is information that the powers that be would rather keep secret.

Fortunately Richard Hall did an extensive interview with Dr Judy Wood several years ago and it can still be found on his Rich Planet TV Web site. This is Richard's introduction: "In 2012, former professor of engineering mechanics Dr Judy Wood came to the UK to present a lecture tour. The conclusions of her research prove that even those who support supposed 9/11 truth groups, such as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have got their facts wrong. The towers did not slam to the ground, but turned into dust in mid air. Dr Wood clearly demonstrates this in her two part lecture. None of the conventional explanations about 9/11 remotely fit the evidence. An undisclosed form of weapon was used to turn two of the worlds strongest buildings into dust. Those who support the thermite theory need to realise they were lied to twice, because the thermite argument is also a big lie, put out initially by Stephen E. Jones, the same Stephen E. Jones who was used to cover up cold fusion technology in 1989."

Richard Hall's interview with Dr Judy Wood

There are six parts to the interview plus two lectures. Links are provided on the Rich Planet TV Website.

Wikipedia Censors Dr Judy Wood and so does AE911 Truth - Dr Abraham Rodriguez

Dr Abraham Rodriguez is a staunch supporter of Dr Judy Wood's work in this field and this is a very revealing interview. Most disturbing he tells how Wikipedia censor's Dr Judy Wood and she is on a block list.

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