The Search for Truth - Some Pointers

When it comes to the search for truth, self, enlightenment, or whatever ever one wishes to call it, it is the equivalent of entering that proverbial minefield.

Seekers come from all walks of life, irrespective of race, religion, sex, economic status etc. They might be blessed with a wonderful family and adequate possessions, but still sense something is missing in their lives - something which cannot be acquired by material wealth alone.

But that doesn't deter the many charlatans (false teachers) who very happy to instruct you - usually for a heftly downpayment - about how you should live your life in order to aquire that illusive future happiness. Unfortunately, people who are seeking are often quite gullible and naive, so will often fall pray to these wolves - at least for a time.

There will however arise a time when you will discover that what you are seeking cannot be found out there; nor can it be given to you by anyone else. You will awake to realise that you are both the Seeker and the Sought. This realisation will be immediate - out of time - now!

The main reason we fail to recognise this pearl of great price is due to an ingrained habit of continually looking the other way. Our education, culture, teachers, parents have instilled in us, from toddlers, a whole arsenal of beliefs and conditioning that for the most part simply is not true and cannot hold up on forensic examination.

But once we are ready and willing, we can simply begin at the beginning - the I in the I Am. So when we say I desire this or that, the immediate question is: to whom is the I referrring? This is where the investigation must start. It is the age old adage: Who am I? Unfortunately very few commentators, or teachers seem to embrace this basic premise, upon which all illusions of self are subsequently constructed. But once realised, everything will fall into place quite effortlessly and naturally.

To embark on an intellectual explanation would no doubt serve some purpose, but equally lead to further confusion; for the simple reason that we are not dealing with an intellectual realisation and an 'answer' can never been reached through the rational mind. Waking up to one's true nature is more akin to an intuition, so the best one can hope for is, by investigating the I Am, a spark will be induced which will create the burning flame of insight - a higher understanding (beyond/prior to mind).

As indicted this can only originate from your higher Self - or simply Self - as opposed to your relative self, which some term ego. But this doesn't mean there are not a host of enlightened people who can't lend a hand in pointing out the way. But they are pointers, because what you are - what we are - is beyond definition as it is no object. I Am is subject - the ultimate Subject - I.

I also wish to add that I have been on this quest for the last 40 years. However, clarity only appeared when my search focussed on the question, Who is doing the searching. Whereas before I had always assumed there was a person, called Steven, doing it. This erroneous belief in an individual person (ego) led me up numerous cul-de-sacs.

I shall now list some of the people who have helped me in the latter stages, who deal with that all important question, Who Am I?

First a note of caution. Some of the language initially will appear very strange. You will encounter phrases such as, "There is nothing to get and no one to get it". The nothing to get is easier to accept, bearing in mind what we have available is now and the promise of getting involves a future. But the "no one to get it" is more of a challenge. But it is based upon the assumption there is an individual (Steven) apart from everyone else, whereas the true teaching or wisdom of Oneness, or non duality (Advaita) is exactly that - One without a Second. Just as indicated in the much quoted analogy: "We are the one ocean (Absolute Self), out of which the individual waves (relative self) emerge".

To my recommendations:

Ramana Maharshi and Nisagadatta Maharaj.

Much has been written about these two great 20th century sages. The former - Ramana Maharshi - is usually regarded as the father, though his words can be cloaked in an Indian jargon that can be tricky to grasp initially. But he's well worth persevering with, and his central message is explained in a wonderful book by David Godman called Be As You Are.

Nisagadatta Maharaj published a very influential book call I Am That. Certainly worth looking at. I downloaded it from the Web as a PDF.

Now to more contemporary commentators often heavily influenced by one, or both the above:

Sailor Bob Adamson.

Sailor Bob spent time with Nisagadatta Maharaj, and in my opinion is the best living authority I have come across. He lives in Australia and gives regular meetings extracts which are available on YouTube. He is completely free of any ‘ego’, which allows anyone to open up and express - very rare among so called 'teachers', who are more intent on imposing themselves and their ideas and beliefs. A student of his called John Wheeler is also worth looking into.

Sailor Bob Adamson

Wei Wu Wei (AKA Terence Gray)

Wei Wu Wei is one of my favourites. An Englishman who visited Ramana Maharshi and wrote eight books detailing his journey. His text can be intellectually challenging, but with persistence can lead to illuminating insights (or inseeing as he likes to term it). A student of his called Galen Sharpe wrote a book called An Exploration of Non Volitional Living which I highly recommend.

Wei Wu Wei archives

Douglas Harding

A friend of Terence Gray and unique for his ability to provide practical experiments which can cut through the intellectual and mental effort required in reading. As explained above, paradoxes such as 'knowing oneself'; cannot be reached at the purely intellectual level, so alternative methods can help realisation.

The Headless Way, named after his first book, is a Web site set up to continue Douglas Harding's mostly practical experiments and is certainly well worth checking out.

The Headless Way

Two other sources I have enjoyed immensely.

Conscious TV

Check out the Non-Duality section where you will find numerous interviews on the subject.

Conscious TV

Urban Guru Cafe

As series of podcasts compiled by someone who spent several years with Sailor Bob. Apart form being very entertaining, with an eclectic mix of music, they feature many of the best speakers in the field.

Urban Guru Cafe

Satori Moments

Several years ago I wrote a blog recoding my observations after self realising my true nature, and what I now term Satori moments (Zen's flash of sudden awareness).

I undertook the blog primarily as a record and have rarely mentioned it to anyone, unless they are interested. You might find some useful pointers here.

Behind The Thoughts

Final Note:

It is important to remember at all times that what is being discussed can only be pointed to. As Wei Wu Wei says: "THIS which is seeking is THAT which is sought, and THAT which is sought is THIS which is seeking." (All Else Is Bondage: Non-Volitional Living)

So if anyone tells you otherwise, be very suspicious. There is no room for hope, promises, rewards, states to get. These all belong to the future and we are dealing with what is available now. Remember, you are ALWAYS your own authority!

SPA - Sept 2016

Last updated: Fri, Nov 3, 2017