Steve Phillips & The Rough Diamonds
Blues CD - released: 2007

Grosvenor Sessions

I asked Steve if I could record his sessions
at the Grosvenor Hotel where he and his band
The Rough Diamonds play every Tuesday night.
The music was that good I felt a recording had
to be made for posterity's sake.

Given the nod, I used an ex BBC Sony cassette tape
recorder with a good condenser microphone (mono).
The combination captured the live atmosphere
perfectly and this shines through on the album.

Besides the recording and post production, I also
designed the album cover and contributed to the
liner notes.


Steve Phillips & The Rough Diamonds
Blues CD - released: 2013

North Country Blues

Steve asked me to design the album cover for
North Country Blues using a black and white
photo taken by photographer Adrian Gatie.

I continued the theme on the inside of the
digipak ( and the CD itself has
the appearance of an old vinyl record.

I also contributed to the post production

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